Robotics with Dash & Dot

Explore robotics concepts with next generation robots designed to make programming fun and exciting.

Dash & Dot are characters that ignite curiosity and confidence while providing fun and engaging ways of learning essential skills including: collaboration, communication, and digital literacy. Teachers use Dash & Dot to teach a variety of subject areas including the following-

  • Computational thinking: Analyze problems and design algorithms to program robot actions and reactions using Blockly, a visual drag-and-drop coding tool.
  • Math: Explore concepts like the number line, geometry, angles, distance, time, and variables.
    Science: Learn about the scientific method, or program Dash to mimic behavior in the natural world.
  • Engineering: Develop design thinking skills by building extensions on the robots with LEGO® bricks.
  • Creative writing and the arts: Explore storytelling,drawing, and even music.

Classes offered for Grades 1-5

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