What and How We Teach

Our classes and activities are structured to build on childrens’ natural curiosity and help them discover things on their own.

Here at Kydz Hangout, we provide all kinds of after school activities to cater to kids of all ages. Ranging from STEM to Robotics, Math to Music, Phonics to Taekwondo to name a few, our aim is to provide you and your child with a multitude of exciting options when it comes to choosing the right creative activities for kids. We understand that every child is very impressionable and so any activity that you choose is sure to stimulate both the mind and the body.

We believe that this approach develops proficiency but also trains them to be a life-long learners in everything that they do. Learning at Kydz Hangout is designed to be fun and engaging with top- notch content and a unique teaching approach. Our teachers are highly motivated and creative individuals that strive to impart their knowledge in the most engaging way for the child.


  • A range of after-school and creative activities for kids of all ages.
  • A healthy mix of learning, imagination and fun.
  • Weekend Events
  • Summer Camps
  • Holiday Workshops
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Mathematics / Science

Kydz Hangout offers Mathematics classes designed to enhance proficiency in Mathematics and excel in school and competitive events such as International Mathematics Olympiad and International Science Olympiad.

Classes include personalised learning with funtoot and IXL where students are able to practice in a dynamic learning environment at their own pace.

The classes help students master skills required for the grade and advance further based on individual interest.


  • Real-time performance reports

  • Identify and address weak spots
  • Peer based competitive events and challenges
  • Enhance student engagement
  • Application of mathematics in real life
  • Classes offered for Grades 1-8
  • Science Olympiad Foundation: World’s Biggest Olympiads – NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO


Classes are based on the child’s interest and aptitude and include Drawing, Painting, String art, Clay Modeling and others. Trained instructors expose the students to the techniques in the various art forms and also challenge their creativity.

The classes and the studio are designed to unleash the child’s imagination.

Classes offered for Grades 1-5


Kydz Hangout offers classes in Piano and Guitar from experienced teachers certified from internationally acclaimed music schools.

Students learn how to read, play and compose music based on curriculum from London College of Music, Trinity College of London and Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music.

Students can take private and small group classes with state of the art equipment.

For ages: 5+

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Lab

Explore STEM concepts with high quality standards-based hands-on sets and curriculum to grasp technology around you.

Learn to apply fundamental principles to simple and complex machines, energy, motion and much more. Kits designed by leading STEM expert will be used to engage and inspire 2nd -5th standard students learn how things work.

Classes offered for Grades 1-5

Essential STEM concepts, including:

  • Simple machines

  • Cause and effect

  • Energy and matter

  • Structure and function

  • Stability and change

  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

  • Energy and motion

  • How is energy transferred?

  • Systems and system models

  • Analyzing and interpreting data

  • Constructing explanations

  • Designing solutions

Computer Programming

Kids learn to design games instead of just being players. The class explores and develop coding skills with visual programming language Scratch, developed at MIT.

Students can develop logical thinking, analytical and creative skills making games in this structured class. Classes are designed to teach coding skills and execute projects in teams.

Classes offered for Grades 1-5

See a Program

(Made with Scratch)

Robotics with Dash & Dot

Explore robotics concepts with next generation robots designed to make programming fun and exciting.

Dash & Dot are characters that ignite curiosity and confidence while providing fun and engaging ways of learning essential skills including: collaboration, communication, and digital literacy.

Teachers use Dash & Dot to teach a variety of subject areas including the following:

  • Computational thinking: Analyze problems and design algorithms to program robot actions and reactions using Blockly, a visual drag-and-drop coding tool.

  • Math: Explore concepts like the number line, geometry, angles, distance, time, and variables.

  • Science: Learn about the scientific method, or program Dash to mimic behavior in the natural world.

  • Engineering: Develop design thinking skills by building extensions on the robots with LEGO® bricks.

  • Creative writing and the arts: Explore storytelling,drawing, and even music.

Classes offered for Grades 1-5


Kydz Hangout offers dance fun oriented classes in small groups for kids and adults. Dance classes are based on Bollywood and Tollywood music and are primarily group classes.

For ages: 4+


Kydz Hangout offers chess classes designed to increase proficieny and prepare for competitive events. The classes help students master skills required and advance further based on individual interest.Peer based competitive events and challenges are used to enhance the experience.

For ages: 5+

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